1. Biography

Bam Margera is a world renowned skateboarder, stunt performer, actor, musician and producer. He was born Brandon Cole Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1979. He is the son of Phil and April ‰ÛÏApe‰Û Margera who both appeared in his television series. He also has an older brother, Jess Margera, who is a member of Bam‰Ûªs band, CKY. Margera currently resides at ‰ÛÏCastle Bam‰Û, a grand luxury estate in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania, not far from where he grew up. In 2013, Bam married model Nicole Boyd.

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2. Income & Salary

Margera saw his first success in entertainment as a teen when he self-released the CKY video series, which stands for “Camp Kill Yourself”, featuring himself and his friends, including Ryan Dunn, skateboarding and doing stunts. The CKY video drew the attention of Hollywood producers and eventually led to the development of the very successful Jackass franchise, including the box office record breaking movie, Jackass 3D. Margera‰Ûªs personal television series, Viva La Bam, ran for five seasons starting in 2003 and was followed up by Bam‰Ûªs Unholy Union which chronicled his engagement to childhood friend, and now ex-wife, Melissa Rothstein. Ban was voted ‰ÛÏFavorite Athlete Turned TV Star‰Û in 2005 Teen People Poll and ‰ÛÏMost Influential/Powerful Person under 30‰Û by Stuff Magazine in 2006.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

The majority of sources put Margera‰Ûªs net worth at approximately $45 million. His first major film, Jackass: The Movie, a spin off from the very popular television series Jackass, grossed $64 million in the domestic box office. After that, Jackass 2 brought in $84 million and Jackass 3D made well over $100 million worldwide. Bam Margera‰Ûªs earnings from the Jackass movies combined with those from his television and radio work as well as endorsements deals and royalties all add up to a pretty hefty paycheck for the daredevil super star.

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