1. Biography

Ashton Kutcher, who acts under his birth name, was born on February 7, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and is a fraternal twin. He is one of three children, having an older sister and his twin brother. He was married to actress Demi Moore in 2005 and the couple has been separated since 2011. Divorce proceedings are still pending, and Kutcher has been linked to actress Mila Kunis for over a year. Kutcher has no children.

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2. Income & Salary

Kutcher got his start as a Calvin Klein model and has done shows in both Paris and Milan. He then broke into acting by playing Michael Kelso on the television comedy That ’70s Show, during which time he also broke into movies with such films as Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married and What Happens in Vegas. Kutcher then went on to replace Charlie Sheen on the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men, which nets Kutcher a salary of $750,000 per episode. In addition to acting, he has financed many start-ups such as Skype, Airbnb, Path and Foursquare. He also acts in several movies per year, and while his is not raking in A-list fees for his film work, his income is said to be the highest among television actors.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Ashton Kutcher is believed to be worth about 140 million dollars. Of course, this figure could change dramatically, depending on the final divorce settlement agreed upon with estranged wife Demi Moore. In 2012, Kutcher is believed to have earned over 24 million dollars from a variety of sources including television, films, advertising spots, voice over work and investments. While figures for 2013 are still pending, he has a wide selection of income streams this year that will bear financial fruit in due time. His most recent film, Jobs, in which he plays the titular character, netted over 36 million at the box office against a budget of 12 million dollars.

How much is Ashton Kutcher’s Net Worth? $140 Million!