1. Biography

Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (born on March 31st, 1948 in Washington D.C.) is a former American politician who served the State of Tennessee as a congressman from 1977 to 1885. From 1985 to 1993 he held office as one of the state‰Ûªs senators before going onto become the 45th Vice President of the United States under the Clinton Administration. He married Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson (aka Tipper) in 1970 and they went on to have four children over a ten-year stretch: Karenna, Kristin Carlson, Sarah LaFon, and Albert Gore III. Although he won the popular vote in the 2000 presidential election, he eventually conceded to George W Bush via the electoral process.

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2. Income & Salary

Also known for championing the environment, science and modern technology, Gore‰Ûªs tenure in the senate focused on furthering computer technology and subsequently creating the High Performance Computing Act of 1991 (HPCA), which led to its ratification on December 9th of that year. The National Information Infrastructure (NII) became a byproduct of the HPCA, thus allowing the widespread use of information to be transmitted through all available lines of communication. These achievements enabled Mr. Gore to earn some added ethos to his decorated political rÌ©sumÌ©. After serving two terms under President Clinton, his unsuccessful bid for the Oval Office in 2000 became an awakening of sorts.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Al Gore‰Ûªs passion for the environment and wealth combined became even clearer when he authored An Inconvenient Truth, a synopsis of climate change and its impact on worldwide ecosystems. Although he vowed all of the proceeds from the book and the documentary be put towards the Climate Reality Project, he made an average of $175,000 per speaking engagement, propelling him to multimillionaire status in two year‰Ûªs time. He co-founded the Current TV network in 2004 and sold it for $500 million in 2012. Mr. Gore has also made millions of dollars from Apple holdings; between 2008 and 2011he raked in well over $10 million from another co-founded start-up company, Generation Investment Management. His late father left him an estimated million dollars worth of oil stocks. All in all, Al gore‰Ûªs net worth is estimated at well over $200 million and counting.

How much is Al Gore’s Net Worth? $200 Million!